Exercise One: Gold Glowing Warm Liquid Light Dick Growth

from by Dr. Remulack

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This is the first exercise in your dick growth. God bless your dick growth.


Now a Warning and a word of caution. Do not listen to this binaural adventure in hypnosis and self-help while driving or operating heavy machinery. If your a doctor, don't listen to this program during surgery, you may pop a huge boner and rupture your patients spleen.

Now find a comfortable space where you won't be disturbed for 20 to 30 minutes. This should be a space where you can be completely relaxed mind, body, spirit and most importantly penis. This place should be a space where your penis feels comfortable where your dick can dangle, wiggle & shake. This place should be a space where you can grease the weannie with out disturbance.

Once you've found this space that will be your place, make sure you are either completely nude or wearing loose comfortable clothes. Your birthday suit, a robe, pajamas bottoms and spa socks, boxers shorts and T-shirt with no underwear. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Now that you are in a place that is a comfortable warm inviting space please lay down and prepare... To grow your dick for free forever while you sleep.

Exercise One: Gold Glowing Warm liquid light Dick Growth

Now... Take in a deep breath inhale through your nose... exhale from your mouth. Take in another deep breath... let it out. As you breath in - imagine a warm golden comforting liquid light flowing into your nostrils, into your lungs into your nervous system, down your spine, saturating and filling your body up with a gold glowing warm liquid light. As you exhale imagine all your stress negative thoughts and limiting beliefs leaving in your breath in the form of a green smoke. Take in another deep breath, inhale this gold glowing warm liquid light. Breathe out release more limiting and negative energy in a cloud of green smoke. Breath in the liquid light it continues to fill your body moving through every area of your body filling it up cleansing, replenishing and healing you.

Now lets imagine the light healing replenishing and preparing each part of your body for it's maximum potential. Take in another deep breath and continue breathing as we guide the warm golden liquid light through-out your entire organic bodily system. You have opened up a continuous channel of golden warm liquid light energy flowing directly from the universal source into your body. Now Imagine this liquid light filling up your head, feel the warmth and tingle as it expands through out your cranium. The liquid light slowly moves down your throat and neck into your shoulders, into your biceps and upper arms, into your forearms. Feel the warmth and tingle. It continues moving into your right hand . Keep Breathing. Keep Breathing. the liquid light moves into your pinkie finger, your ring finger , your middle finger your index finger, your thumb. Feel the warmth. Now it's moving into your left hand, into your pinkie finger, your ring finger , your middle finger your index finger, your thumb. Imagine this light filling up your chest cavity moving into your heart and gaining an extra life force energy that sends and electric pulse through through this golden glowing liquid light with every beat of your heart. It flows into your stomach. Keep breathing. In Out. Feel the warm tingling sensation. Now the golden liquid light is moving into your pelvic area down through your thighs, calves, into your feet and into each individual toe bring replinishment and preparing your body for it's maximum potential.

Now Take in a deep breath inhale through your nose... now exhale fro your mouth. Imagine that gold glowing warm liquid light filling your scrotum sack... entering your testicles and infusing the whole light body with virility and vitality with every pulse of your heart. Feel the warmth and tingle. Imagine your scrotum sack growing bigger and bigger like a hot air balloon glowing with golden light fluid. This precious light fluid moves into the shaft of your penis slowly making its way to the tip of the head. Feel the tingle and warmth... Imagine the head of your penis glowing with this precious light fluid like ET's finger in that80's movie with drew barymore. Your penis is engorged with a liquid light current that comes directly from the universal source. This is the divine essence, that visceral essence that dick growth feeds upon. This energy is available for you to grow your dick for free at any time, in your sleep when you exercise, when you work, always and forever. You have just supercharged your penis with this gold glowing warm loving light fluid and from this point on your dick will grow and continue to grow for free. The energy will be stored it in your balls and be there for you whenever you need it. Eventuality this energy will give you the light saber dick of a jedi night. This is the first step in a long journey of dick growth. Congratulations my friend,and let the dick Swartz be with you.


from Grow Your Dick for Free While You Sleep, released February 14, 2015



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Dr. Remulack Walla Walla, Washington

Dr. Remulack is a subliminal binural hypnosis self-help expert. After suffering with OCD for most of his life, Dr. Remulack overcame his disability through self hypnosis. He then moved on to other areas of self improvement, namely dick enlargement. Dr. Remulack used his subliminal abilities to become the Dr. with the biggest Dick in the subliminal hypnosis self-help game. He is Dr. Remulack... ... more

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